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Industrial Electrical Services


We offer a wide range of industrial services including the design and installation of electrical fit outs, maintenance and repairs.

Industrial Electrical Services

We carry out Industrial repairs, installation and maintenance all throughout Melbourne. See some of the industrial electrical services we offer below.

  • Variable speed drives
  • A/C and D/C drives
  • PLC wiring
  • Cable trays and ducting
  • Motor control centre upgrades
  • Rockwell and ABB drive installations
  • 3 phase motors and machinery
  • LTAC upgrades

Variable speed drives

Variable speed drives allow for the regulation of the speed and rotational force, being output by an electrical motor. Pure Electrics specializes in the repair, installation and maintenance of variable speed drives.

A/C and D/C drives

Alternating current driven motors usually consist of two common parts, a stator and a rotor. The rotor is attached to an output drive shaft where the resulting torque can be used to power an indsutrial device. Blowers, conveyor belts, large pumps and other industrial level machinery are often powered by A/C motors.

PLC wiring

Programmable Logic Controllers, these advanced industrial level, circuit control devices can be used to fulfill a broad range of functions. Pure Electrics specialises in implementing PLC wiring solutions

Cable trays and ducting

We are experts within the field of industrial cable management. From cable trays, through to more complex ducting situations, Pure Electrics is able to custom tailor a solution.

Motor control centre upgrades

We are able to maintain and upgrade, even the most complex industrial motor control centres.

Rockwell and ABB drive installations

Automated A/C and D/C drive solutions

3 phase motors and machinery

Pure Electrics specialise in repairing, installing and maintaining 3 phase motors and other heavy industrial, electric machinery.

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